Butterfly Valves in Gondia

Butterfly valves are types of valves that can be applied for isolating or regulating flow. The closing mechanism shapes up like a disk and lets in a rapid shut off. These are the most preferred valves as they are cheaper in price than other valves and also they are lighter in weight needing less support. The disc is placed in the center of the pipe, and passes through the disc with a rod connected to an actuator on the exterior of the valve. Rotating the actuator positions the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. The disc is at all times there within the flow, consequently there is always a pressure drop in the flow, irrespective of position of the valve.

Butterfly Valves Manufacturers in Gondia

We are the leading Butterfly Valves Manufacturer and exporter company in Gondia. Our Valves are excellent in quality, easy to operate and very durable. We offer customized Butterfly Valves in various sizes as well as types as per the requirements of our clients. Our Valves have excellent performance and so are widely used by various industries. We provide mainly two types of Butterfly Valves known as Flanged Construction and Flangeless Construction. We are the only Butterfly Valves manufacturer in Gondia who provide quality product at a very reasonable prices in the market.

Butterfly Valves manufacturer in Gondia
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Material Used

  • Body : Cast Iron I .S 210 Grade FG200 / GG 25, Ductile Cast Iron GGG 40, Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 Grade WCB, Cast Stainless Steels CFB & CF8M
  • Seat : Nitrile, EPDM, Virton, Silicone
  • Shaft : AISI 410 / PTFE
  • O-ring : Nitrile, EDPM, Virton, Silicone
  • Taper Pin : AISI 410 / 316
  • Plug : Steel
  • Bush : Polyacetal
  • Range : Handle Type Butterfly Valve, Water Type Butterfly Valve, Flange Type Butterfly Valve, Gear Type Butterfly Valve