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Our Main Product

The stated below are the main products that are manufactured by our company.

Globe Valves
Globe Valves

The Payal Engineering’s are the foremost Globe Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Gujarat, India. The Globe valves are also a type of the valve that are used for regulating the flow of the substances and the main secret behind their names is that they are possessing the shape that is quite similar to earth shape i.e. they are somewhat round and bulging in the appearance and hence are called as the Globe valve.

Syphon Cock
Syphon Cock

The syphon cock plays a major role in the situation, where the sudden changes of the pressure are shown and are highly demanded by the industries. We are the major syphon cock manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Condensate Pots
Condensate Pots

The condensate pots are mostly used for the steam measurement. They are actually used for the determining the permissible amount of the steam. We are the topmost condensate pots manufacturer in India. Our company is providing the wide condensate pots that too at affordable pricing.

Non Return Valves
Non Return Valves

We are the major non return valve supplier in Ahmedabad. The purpose of the non return valve manufactured by the Payal Engineering is to allow the flow of the substance only in one direction or forward direction. They non return valve whenever used to eliminate the reverse fluid flowing case at the place wherever they are used.

Gauge Saver
Gauge Saver

It is a type of a device that is commonly used for controlling pressure is known as the Gauge saver. Whenever the pressure is exceeding above the required limit the gauge is closed whenever in case of over pressuring. The Payal engineering is the Gauge Saver manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The very wide range of the gauge savers are provided by us that also at attractive prices.

Automation Valves
Automation Valves

The valves that are actuated using any hydraulic, electric or pneumatic system automatically are known as the automation valves. We are topmost automation valve manufacturer in India. We are providing a huge range of the automation valve that also at nominal pricing in India.

Ball Valve
Ball Valve

The ball valve manufactured by the Payal engineering is highly demanded in the market. The valves that are having a spherical ball like structure that is situated in the hollow passage that are used for controlling the fluid flow are known as the ball valve. We are the also the leading Ball valve supplier and exporter in India.

Butterfly Valves
Butterfly Valves

Our company is the leading butterfly valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The valve that possesses a rotating disc like structure that are used for controlling the fluid flowing through valve hollow passage are generally referred as the butterfly valves. The disc remains completely closed while the valve is closed and does not allow any fluid or substance to pass through it.

Industrial Valves
Industrial Valves

The industrial valves are the valves that are used for controlling the flow of the liquid, fluid, slurry, gases and are widely demanded by the industries. We are the leading Industrial Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Industrial Valves

We the Payal Engineering are the leading thermo well manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Gujarat, India. We are providing a wide range of the thermowell that are available at affordable prices.

Needle Valve Manufacturer in India
Needle Valve

A needle valve is a valve that has tiny port with a threaded, needle-shaped plunger so as to let perfect regulation of the flow.

Instrument Valves
Instrument Valves

we manufacture a wide array of Instrumentation Valves Manufacturer, Instrument Check Valve, Instrument Needle Valve, instrument air manifold.

Instrumentation Valve Manufacturer

The Payal Engineering is the major Instrumentation valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad. The Instrument Valves and the Pipe fittings manufactured by our company are of the superior quality and are also ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Presently, we are situated in Ahmedabad and are providing our services for more than the two decades. We are the leading Instrumentation Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Gujarat, India. The whole range of the Instrument Pipe Fitting, instrument Connector, Instrument Main Fold Valves, Instrument Valves, Industrial Valves, etc. are provided by us that are also at nominal price.

We provide distinct form of instrument valves utilized for different industrial purposes. We are deliver Industrial Valves, Globe Valves, Syphon Cock, Condensate Pots, Non Return Valve, Gauge Saver, Gauge Cock, Manifold Valve, Instrument Manifold Valves, Instrument Valves, Automation Valves, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valves, Hydraulic Valves and Thermowell. We are support to get the solution for required applications. Mostly it is utilized for regulation of the flow of liquid and airs. It's also used to block the flow or to prevent back flow of liquid. Instruments Valves are available in wide varieties of shapes.

Instrumentation Valve Manufacturer

An Overview on the Instrumentation Valves

The valves are mostly used for controlling the flow of any liquid, solid, gases or fluid just by operating any valve in two positions that is open and closed. The hollow passages are created inside the valves that are allowing the substance to flow through the passage and while operating the valves are used for controlling the flow of the substances. The valves no matter the type you use are used mainly used for controlling the fluid or gases movement through the passage by using different valves and are very simple and easy for its operation or movement. These valves are having very wide applications and are used for several applications.

Main Purposes of Using the Instrumentation Valves

The main purposes of using the instrumentation valves or any other valves are as follows

  • The prime purposes of the valves are that they are mainly used for controlling the flow of the materials that are passed through the valves.
  • Several times the valves are also used for altering the flow of the fluid that pass through the pipelines.
  • They are providing a tight close seal that provides complete leakage proof operation whenever used.
  • The valves nowadays manufactured are such that they automatically shut off or closed down in the case of the any failures.

Beside traditional standard valves we the Payal Engineering is also providing the valves that are having latest technology security features that makes them highly secured to be used by the Industries and are available in a very wide range of the different materials, size and their uses.

Features of Instrumentation Valves

The given below are the features of the Instrumentation Valves

  • The instrumentation valves manufactured are of the superior quality.
  • We are using the superior quality raw material that improves our product quality.
  • The valves range provided by us is manufactured using the different metals like stainless steel, Cast steel, Cast iron, Gun-metal, Bronze and forged steel etc.
  • They are of the precise size.
  • Error free or faultless instrumentation valves are manufactured by us.
  • The edges of the valves are sharp and have a superior exterior finish.
  • The instrumentation valves are having longer shelf life.
  • They are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • The following standards like the Api, Bs, Ansi, Asme and Din are used for manufacturing and testing purposes.
  • The instrumentation valves are passed through several quality checks before handling to the customers.
  • It remains rust free and is non corrosive in nature.
  • The valves manufactured by the Payal Engineering are available at low price as compared to other company.

The above stated are the features that provide uniqueness to our instrumentation valves and we are known for our quality product and the service that are provided by us.

Benefits of using Payal Engineering Instrumentation Valves

The instrumentation valves provided by the Payal Engineering are possessing following features

  • We are the suppliers of the product that are ISO certified only.
  • Our company has the different machinery that is as per the latest technology that helps us to provide the superior quality products.
  • The staff of the company is well experienced and trained that they keep watch on each step of the manufacturing process.
  • Our research and development is continuously working for providing the product that are of the latest quality and are also as per the latest demand of the national and international market.
  • The quality of the raw materials used is the best one so that they can be easily used in the Indian and the foreign countries.
  • Beside, manufacturing we are also the Instrumentation valves exporter in India and are exporting them in countries like USA, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Egypt, Europe, Japan, China, Germany, Iran, Turkey, etc.
  • The very fast and secure delivery of the instrumentation valves are provided by our company that also without any product loss or damage.

Applications of the Instrumentation Valves

The instrumentation valves that are manufactured by us are possessing following applications that are stated below

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Refinery Plants
  • Water treatment plants

  • Sewage Treatment plants
  • Textile Industry
  • Dairy Industries
  • Pharma Company

The instrumentation valves have a very wide application and are widely used for different purposes. We are the prime Instrumentation valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. If you also possess any such requirement, then you can surely purchase from our company Payal Engineering. We are providing a huge Instrumentation valves range that also at very attractive offers and pricing.

Our Mission

The main mission of the organization is to deliver the valves and the other product that is of the superior quality and are also provided at the reasonable pricing. We are continuously working for improving the design and the manufacturing technique that is beneficial for the growth of the user and the company.

Our Vision

The main vision of the company is to become the major exporter of the all types in valves and to become the leader in the valve manufacturing, exporting and supplying in India.We want to establish ourselves as a benchmark in the industry of valves manufacturing as well as exporting.

Our Values

Instrumentation Valves for a wide variety of applications. We supply top quality instrumentation valves from Parker Instrumentation for use in a number of industries, including power generation, energy oil & gas, petrochem, semiconductor, food & beverage, military, pharmaceutical and more.

If you required any kind of the services assistance related to the valves or our services, you can freely contact us, we are available 24*7 for our national and international customers. We are providing the complete range of the different varieties of the valves that also at a single place under a single roof. The instrumentation valves and the pipe fitting manufactured by the Payal Engineering are following the standards that are accepted by the national and the international market. We are the prominent Instrumentation valves manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India that provides the one place solution for the different valves and pipe fitting.

Our Services Overview

The Payal Engineering is providing tremendous services and has experience of the more than two decades for valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Presently we are situated in Ahmedabad and all the services are provided from here to the different regions. There are so many different products like Non Return Valves, Globe Valves, Manifolds Valves, Needle valves and products like Condensate Pots, Pressure Gauges, and gauge saver etc. that are provided by the company.

The Instrumentation Valve provided by our company are manufactured using the different materials like Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Gun-metal, Bronze and Forged Steel, etc. and possess different standard that are required in the national and the international markets.

Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Gun-metal, Bronze and Forged Steel
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