Hydraulic 3way ball valve

 Payal Engineering Company is a Manufacturer and Supplier of A hydraulic 3-way ball valve is a type of valve used for regulating the flow of fluid in hydraulic structures. It features three entry points or openings that are commonly referred to to as the inlet, outlet A, and outlet B. The butterfly valve is built with a ball-shaped disc within that may be moved to allow or obstruct the passage of liquid.

A hydraulic 3-way ball valve manufacturer's operation is basic. Fluid flow stops when the ball is closed, keeping it from entering through any of the openings. The valve can be adjusted to allow fluid flow from the input to either destination A or outlet B by rotating the ball to alternate locations, or to allow flow between outlet A and output B while blocking the entry point.

Hydraulic 3way ball valve, 3 Way Manifold Valve Manufacturer
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These valves are frequently found in hydraulic systems where flow must be turned between routes or fluid must be mixed or separated. They provide flow direction control flexibility and can be automated or manually operated using hydraulic valves.It's essential to note that the design, size, and features of hydraulic 3-way ball valves can differ based on the purpose and manufacturer.